The Emerge Package

The Emerge Package

Our most popular package. We’ll co-create together to craft a website that really connects and resonates with your ideal tribe, explains what you do in clear language, and of course a website that you feel proud of.

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Emerge Package Highlights

Emerge Package Highlights

Emerge Package Highlights

We aim to deliver a website you love, that makes you feel proud and inspired.

For this to be possible, we have created a process flow that facilitates clear communication from before the first pixel of your website is created.

Here is an overview of the process we use for our Custom Emerge Package.

As our valued client, you’ll  always be in the loop and know exactly what’s happening and when it’s happening.

Emerge Package Details

One Year of Web Hosting

Your first year of web hosting is included in your fee. Heart Light Digital (HLD) will arrange your hosting through Cloudways Hosting. One of the industry’s most reliable and highly rated services. HLD utilizes Cloudways because of their measurable speed advantage over other hosting services, outstanding security, reliability, premium support, and advanced WordPress features.

Website Care Plan

Your first year of our Website Care plan is included in your fee. Your WordPress website requires regular maintenance to perform at optimum levels. Updates are always being made to WordPress itself as well as themes and plugins. Keeping your website up-to-date is crucial, especially since so many WordPress updates are security fixes and patches that will prevent potential exploits of the vulnerabilities of your website. HLD also employs a monitoring service; your website is checked every five minutes, to ensure your website is always up and running and available to your clients.

Included in our Website Care Plan:

+ Daily Backups
  Your wonderful website is backed up every day.

+ Real-time security monitoring
Your website will be kept safe and secure with multiple security protocols and tools in place including: Dedicated Firewalls, Login Security, Database Security, Brute Force Lockouts, Blacklist Monitoring, Automated Scans, IP-based lockouts, and more.

+ Uptime monitoring
Every five minutes your website is checked to see if it is up & running. If your website goes down for any unexpected reason we are notified and can take immediate action.

+ Updates
Each day your website is checked for out of date files and updated to the most recent version. This includes WordPress core files, theme and plugin updates.

+ Broken Links Scans
Your website is scanned once a day for any broken links in your pages, posts, and comments.

+ Technical Support
If you happen to experience a technical issue with your website we are here to help. We’ll get your website sorted out and shining bright again in a jiffy.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design creates an optimal viewing and interaction experience.  Allowing for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computers, iPads, iPhones and other mobile phones). Your website will look great whether viewed on a 27″ iMac or smaller mobile phone screen.

Mobile browsing and search have surpassed desktop browsing, and search engines like Google now base their rankings in part on whether a site is responsive or not. That means your website will be penalized if it’s not  mobile-friendly.

SSL Certificate

Included with our hosting you will website will have a shiny SSL certificate. This security encryption keeps your website transactions safe and secure. It also will help your site with your Google rankings, as sites without a SSL certificate are now penalized by Google.

Social Media Integration

Your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) will be linked to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of variables at play when it comes to building a website. Our most popular offer, the Emerge Package, averages $1400 to $2100. The average price is $1600.

The Website & Marketing Mentorship Package begins at $4000.
Prices are in USD.

Custom websites like our Custom Emerge Package and Elevate Packages typically take around 3 – 6 weeks. Depending on the complexity of your requirements. A timeline is included as part of our proposal process.

The Coaching + Emerge Package typically takes 5-8 weeks, depending on your copywriting needs.

Yes. If you don’t already have one, we can assist you in setting this up.

Our preferred Register is


One year of hosting is included with all of our packages.

If you already have a hosting service, you’re welcome to use it as long as it is suitable for your needs. Please note we don’t play well with all hosting companies (we won’t name names here).

Yes indeed! We build all our websites with a “mobile-first” approach.
Your site will look great across all devices: iPhones, iPads, laptops, and desktop computers.

We’re here to make the process a joyful and uplifting experience for you. If you’re interested in working with us, your first step is to get in contact with us.

We provide content coaching with some of our plans. We also have two wonderful branding coaches and copywriters we partner with that create content for your website, or edit your existing prose.

Yes, if desired. Once your site is live we offer one-hour of online training. We’ll cover the basics of how to perform content updates to your site.

Need More Information? Let’s Chat!

Have you found a perfect fit for your needs? If your heart is saying yes, or you’re intrigued, and/or require more information, fill out the partnership inquiry form below.

Once your information is received, you can schedule your call to connect with Casper.

Need More Info?
Let’s Chat!

Have you found a perfect fit for your needs? If your heart is saying yes, or you’re intrigued, and/or require more information, fill out the partnership inquiry form below.

Once your information is received, you can schedule your call to connect with Casper.